Naples Fishing Charter is the most direct way to experience an infinite passion towards the most fascinating and mysterious places: the sea.


In Naples, the sea is not just a natural element; in our city the sea is worship, tradition and great love. We try to preserve it from abuses and ignorance, respecting it day after day. We can see corners of our land, obscure to most, only thanks to the sea. We can escape from the chaos of the city and take refuge in an extraordinary quiet, only thanks to the sea. This is why, from the passion of Vincenzo, Naples Fishing Charter is born: the idea of offering this possibility to all those who desire it


Fishing Champions: experience in Fishing


On board during the charter there will be Giacomo Bot: bronze medal at Italian trolling coastal 2000championship, silver medalist at the Italian championship trolling offshore in 2005, gold medal at the Italian championship trolling coastal in 2006. Giacomo has also been member of the Italian national team in 2006, in 2007 , in 2008, in 2013. Bronze medal in the Big Game World in 2007, vice world champion at Big Game 2013. Bronze Medal of the European championship of coastal trolling in 2008.
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