Our Staff

The Staff of Napoli Fishing Charter was born from the passion and friendship of this group
When the sea flows in your veins …

Vincenzo isn’t a professional fisherman, he is driven by a much stronger and deeper motivation: from the first years of his life he shows an uncontrollable interest towards the sea and more particularly towards fishing.
Today he decided to make his experience available and what he has learned over the years to entertain others and to teach love towards nature and the sea.
He learns everything in the waters of the Gulf of Naples. Now a day he knows it like very few know it and despite being very young, the results during his fishing trips speak for him: Vincenzo rarely returns to port empty-handed and when it happens, most of the time is because he practices the Catch & Release!
Today he enjoys touring Italy in search of new fishing experiences and wants to offer his customers the same emotions.
Vincenzo Ostuni


The sea master has decided to share long-lasting experiences and secrets with us, positioning our fishing group on a very high level of reliability.
Francesco Russo the Old Gandalf

Giacomo Bot: Bronze medal at the Italian championship in 2000 Coastal Trophy, Silver medal at the Italian championship for offshore racing in 2005, Italian gold medal at the 2006 Coastal Trophy in 2006. Member of the Italian national team in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2013. Bronze medal in the World Big Game 2007, national component Big Game 2013 vice world champion. Bronze Medal of the European championship of coastal trolling in 2008.
Giacomo Bot


Kristian Di Sarno